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Highlights of teaching in Mexico are an inclusive warm society, a fascinating surprising culture and students who are enthusiastic, extroverted and fun. The drawbacks incorporate a mediocre rate of pay and a fairly low social status like a teacher. The very first thing you'll want to do is find some Spanish videos for learning the language.

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There's definitely a lot of smart Mexican people (they bought pyramids) but education isn't treasured in Mexico like in Asia. In most cases people decide to teach in Mexico for the lifestyle rather than career satisfaction.

It's a great place to begin your teaching career, construct your confidence and CV, but, warning, you might get distracted by the lifestyle rather than leave.

Security & Thing To Know Before You GoMexico is sometimes several societies and economies; the Western economy from the middle-class and wealthy of the large cities, the black economy of the general population with their markets and street stalls, and then the narco economy. Steer clear of the third group and Mexico is safe enough. More areas of Mexico are safe, than unsafe. But the unsafe areas of Mexico are horrifically unsafe. So, it's essential that you simply do your research before leaving and yourself update. And it's also good to be able to find Spanish language resources.

The regions across the US border are incredibly dangerous; Monterrey, Chihuahua or Ciudad Juarez are from bounds. On the other hand, cities like Merida and Querétaro as well as Mexico City are safer than many US cities.

As well as the strip along the US border, there are regions regarded as along the narcocorrido (the drug corridor) that needs to be avoided. Around the Pacific Coast included in this are Acapulco moving up through Durango, Guerrero, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nayarit and Sinaloa to Arizona. On the East Cost the strip begins around Vera Cruz and moves through Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros, Nogales, Monterrey, Piedras Negras and Reynosa to Texas. However, check updates and safety warnings regularly and be conscious that things change.

Requirements for TeachingOutside of prestigious university teaching jobs, qualifications and degrees are hardly an advantage in Mexico. They won't improve your rate of pay, job status or visa status.If you can prove an income well over $800 using your bank accounts you can apply for a temporary residency visa called an FM2 or FM3 which give you permission to reside in Mexico for several years, open a financial institution account and also have a recibo (a type of tax file number which is handy for getting jobs). The costs of FM2 or FM3 remain $500 and many full days sitting in Mexican immigration should you go solo, or $1000 to some Mexican lawyer. You do not need a business to sponsor you.

You may also stick out by having a good grasp of the Spanish language.
Generally speaking this is something teachers consider 3 or 6 months into teaching of tourist visas whether they have made a decision to remain a long time. Some jobs advertisements say ‘recibos only' the tax file number that comes with the FM2 or 3. Companies will usually interview a recibo anyway. Many teachers in this position make use of the recibo quantity of a friend for a while (it's not going to change their tax rate or status to help you out).

You will get a rather higher rate of page if you have recibos because your employer pays less tax for you so it is worth borrowing a number and becoming your own eventually.Employers

1) UniversityUniversity teaching earns around 15,000 pesos a month ($1,300) with benefits and perks as an office and a computer. There may be bonus as high as 4,000 pesos a month ($350) for teaching more time to bigger classes and if not, the teaching hours are usually small and you are able to take some private classes on the side.

2) Private Language SchoolsPrivate language schools will require teachers using the certificate only, and others that will need nothing more than near native-level fluency. You'll be mortgage free to 1000 pesos ($800). You will not receive money sick days or holidays, and you will only be paid for 24 hour cancellations which means this amount drops by as much as 50% in December, July and August.The foreign owned schools such as the British Council would be the exception but they're hard to find work with (they transfer a lot of existing teachers from other centres around the world) and very expensive for locals. They pay and scenarios is going to be good, like a university.3) Elementary Schools and SchoolsWill sometimes hire foreigners to teach not just English but literature as well as other subjects like geography in English on just a degree. They will request a full-year commitment and recibos (occasionally they may help you get your recibos). You will be mortgage free to 1000 pesos ($800), but you'll do less face to face teaching and much more paperwork than the usual private school. You might get holidays and benefits after you have completed a contract and won their trust. You need Spanish for these jobs as most of your colleagues and bosses won't speak English.

4) Agency teachingThese classes mean going into office to do business classes with executive and small groups. Many teachers work with agencies without qualifications. Expect $15-20 for those who have qualifications but are working without recibos. Expect $17-25 if you have qualifications and work papers in Mexico City. Expect less than $8 outside of the capital.

These jobs are plentiful but not secure. It's a good idea to accept more classes than you would like or need because some months you will get after 50% of classes cancelling (December, June, July and August, you'll lose a minimum of a week's pay over Easter too). . You will simply earn money from 24 hour cancellations and you won't get holiday or sick pay.Discover the jobs: on craigslist anytime

5) Village In small towns they're eager for anyone but however, they might pay out as little as $3 an hour or so. In small towns you'll find jobs through word of mouth- try not to depend on this and there is some luck required.Find the jobs: usually luck while travelling otherwise through volunteering organizationsTop Regions and Cities

1) Puerto Vallarta- private schools have plenty of motivated students trying to get into the tourist industry. Cabo san lucas enjoys the beauty of being a resort town and traditional Mexican City. Advantages- beautiful city and beach lifestyle, modern amenities nearbyDisadvantages- touristic,

2) Merida- the safest city in Mexico, Mex-pat retirees Advantages- safe and accessible to Cancun and the ruins of Yucatán.Disadvantage- hot and humid all your around, lots of old European retirees will make you seem like you are residing in a retirement village

3) Oaxaca City and State- traditional among the poorest states in Mexico, it is also one of the most indigenous and traditional. You won't get paid muchAdvantage- indigenous people, stunning colonial capital with a lively zocalo (town plaza) and heaps of great coffee shops.Disadvantages- poor pay, poverty in out skirting villages

4) Mexico City- this thriving metropolis, built over the top from the Aztec capital is definitely an intense experience unlike any other. Advantages- same sex marriages is legal, the society is open and tolerant, every second person is a painter, party all night atmosphere is 24/7 +Disadvantages- smog, traffic

5)Querétaro- handsome colonial Querétaro, birth place of Diego Riviera and the Mexican Revolution happens to be booming with southern migration of the middle-class from Ciudad de Juarez and Monterrey (formally rich industrial cities, currently in narco trafficante chaos).Advantages- probably the most beautiful downtowns in Mexico, a fast growing population of cashed up Mexicans, an exciting young student lifestyleDisadvantages-traffic, some say the outskirts of Querétaro are increasing quicker that infrastructure and ruining the atmosphere

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